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WOODPRO Engineering Ltd. provide professional engineering, drafting and project management services to the wood products and manufacturing industries.
WOODPRO offers a full range of engineering services including computer assisted drafting and design using AutoCad, the latest 3-D CAD rendering, and project management

Welcome to WOODPRO Engineering Ltd. WOODPRO has a complete variety of professional services to tailor meet your requirements. WOODPRO can custom design a wide variety of specialized equipment for the wood products and manufacturing industries and offers complete management services.
A few examples of equipment and products we design:

Log Handling

  • Log decks and conveyors
  • Log step feeders
  • Infeed and outfeed scanners
  • Log loaders
  • Log bucking
  • Log rollers and bumpers
  • Log sweeps and catchers
  • Log bins


  • Board edgers
  • Log stop and loader
  • Debris separator
  • Log mechandiser
  • 2 Saw bucking systems
  • Cut-off saws and stops
  • Shifting Saws
  • Single cut-off saws
  • Log slasher systems
  • Swing cut-off saws
  • Log kickers
  • Log accelerators
  • Planer slowdown belts
  • Hog fuel and storage bins

Lumber Handling

  • Canter quad bandmill lines
  • Verticle arbour gangsaws
  • Double unscramblers
  • Lumber sort stations
  • Rolls and even ending fences
  • Lug loaders
  • Trimmers
  • Shifting fences
  • 90 Degree turn and incline transfers
  • Lumber infeeds and outfeeds
  • Lumber bin feeders and lumber bins
  • Package transfer stations

Residual Handling

  • Wastewood chippers
  • Waster conveyors
  • Floor sweeps
  • Air compressor systems


  • Security Buildings



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